How to Install a Local Web Server

Today I will show you, How to Install a Local Web Server on your computer. Because you know how important a local web server is for testing dynamic content.

Besides, as a professional web developer, it is very important to have a local web server. It increases the speed of work a lot.

In this post, I will show you in detail how to install a local web server on your device. The installation process will be shown to you differently for different operating systems.

What is a Local Web Server?

A local web server is a server where server-based dynamic programs can be run or tested. The web server is basically installed in the computer where the files are installed in the computer and it is loaded from there.

Web server is very important to a web developer. Any dynamic program such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, etc. can be run easily using the local web server.

And the most convenient thing is that there is no extra cost to run the program on the web server or to create the server. It is completely free and completely controlled by you.

Required to Install Local Webserver

Local web servers are usually installed through the software on your computer. So as a requirement you will need a computer where the webserver will be installed.

And will host the file from your computer and show the file from there by going to the browser. But the question is what kind of computer you will need or what else will be required to install it on the local webserver. Now let’s know those things.

  • First, you will need a computer
  • And there must be an operating system running on that computer
  • Whether the computer has an internet connection or not
  • The minimum computer should be Core 2 or higher
  • The computer must have sufficient disk space
  • And you should have knowledge about software installation

It is possible to start if you have a dedicated computer where you want to install the local server. But as I said earlier, it will work even if there is an internet connection.

I said this because I need an internet connection only when I download local web host software. If you match the things I mentioned above then you can start the localhost installation.

How to Install a Local Web Server on a Computer

Now we will discuss how to install the local web server on the computer. We will see in detail in this step how you can convert your computer into a local webserver.

Windows OS Local Web Server

You will need web server software to install the local web server on the computer. This software or program is different for different operating systems.

Local operating web server software is different for the Windows operating system, as well as for other operating systems. Let us see how to install a web server on Windows operating system.

Install Local Web Server on Windows Operating System

To install a local web server in Windows operating system you need to download Windows local web server software. The name of the software is XAMPP. XAMPP is free and open-source software that works on different platforms. By using this software, you can easily install it on your local web server on your PC.

And using this XAMPP you can run many types of programs such as PHP, Java, Python, etc. dynamic programs. Accounts include Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, and MariaDB databases. There are many extensions that you will find useful later.

Xampp Software Download

Xampp Local Server Installation Process

First, you need to download XAMPP software online. Then click the installer and install the XAMPP software. After clicking on the installer, the installation interface of the software will open in front of you. That should look like the image below.

Xampp Installer

Now you will be asked to select which option you want to keep on your local server. For example, if you want to install the database on your local server, then the database MySQL option must be ticked. Apart from that, standard services like Apache will be automatically ticked.

Xampp Folder Select

Note that the above image shows you a folder called XAMPP. This means that all the files of your local server will be installed in this folder. However, if you want, you can change the name of this folder to something else, no problem.

Xampp Folder

Note in the above image here you can see a folder named Xampp has been created in your PC’s local drive. This folder will contain all the files of your local server. And you can see the program you created or write in the folder called htdocs and run it.

Xampp control panel

Once the software is installed on your PC, you will get a control panel like this. From where do you have to start Apache and MySQL servers? If you want to use a database server or apache server on your local server.

Xampp Dashboard

After starting the Apache server and MySQL database server, you will see the welcome dashboard of the local server in front of you if you enter http://localhost from any browser.

Then when you want to run the file that you have placed in htdoc, you have to enter the name of the http://localhost folder-name/ that you have previously placed and press the enter button.

Install Local Web Server FAQ

In this part, I am trying to answer the important questions of your country about local web server installation or usage. Hopefully, you will get your desired answer from here.

How to Set Up a Local Web Server?

For local webserver setup, you will need a computer and a local web server program or software. There are many types of web server software, one of which is XAMPP. You can easily convert your PC into a local web server by downloading it online for free.

What is a local web server?

The local webserver is a server that is installed on your local PC. It can be controlled from your PC and run or stop as you like. You can easily run or test server-based programs offline using a web server.

Still if you have any question about local website installation then you can let us know by commenting. Apart from this method, if you know any other method, you can tell us by commenting from the comment section below.


You can install a web server on your PC in many ways. Regardless of the operating system, it is in, there are different ways to install it. You can easily download local webserver software online or Install a Local Web Server on your device by commenting on the program.

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